Hear DJDS Give Adele’s “Hello” A Euphoric Remix

DJDS Adele Hello Remix

In case you haven’t been paying attention, DJDS (it stands for DJ Dodger Stadium, keep up) and their Body High label have been quietly taking over dance music in the US. And they’re making it good — like really good. I still listen to the solo Samo Sound Boy record Begging Please all the time, and Jerome LOL has a huge following in his own right. Together, the duo are basically unstoppable. So much so, that they’ve tackled Adele’s enormous return single “Hello.” Yup. They injected it with the kind energy that pulses through your veins when you pick up the phone to dial someone you desperately miss. Adele brought the nostalgia, DJDS bring the euphoria that comes with taking that risk. This was the vibe that was mostly missing from 25, that we all could’ve used right now since the holidays can actually be kinda gloomy. Listen below and download for free here.

The new DJDS album Stand Up And Speak is out 1/29 via Loma Vista/Body High.


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