Three Diamond Door’s New Late-Night Lounge Is Made For A Silk-Robed Christopher Walken

Welcome to your classiest drinking fantasy.
Welcome to your classiest drinking fantasy.

Hey all you lovers of Three Diamond Door, it’s time to get even more excited about the place that gives you exactly what you want, namely, beer, liquor, and a backyard in which to drink it. Those are all good things, but now there’s something new to enjoy in the Bushwick bar: a big, gorgeous lounge with its own liquor license.

The new space is so good-looking (rich, dark wood, leather stools, spacious and plush leather booths, oversized windows, a large chandelier), that people have been scared to go inside, says Mike Ireland, who opened the bar in 2013. But get over it, you guys. This is the kind of place where old-world drinking fantasies would come true if they could. What kind of fantasies exactly? Think: silk-robed Christopher Walken in The Continental, beckoning you inside with fresh-off-the-ice champagne. Or: Hemingway swirling a beveled glass of straight whiskey while describing the latest swordfish he speared.

Ireland says he’s wanted to open the new space for quite some time, and so forged ahead once all red tape was cleared. The lounge has four beers on tap, full liquor, and a lot more surfaces on which to, you know, lounge. “We wanted our customers to have more space to move around and feel comfortable and less crammed when it gets really busy,” says Ireland. (For good measure, he threw in extra bathrooms, too.)

Eventually, Ireland hopes to host wedding parties, birthdays, graduations, and “whatever parties people want to throw.”

Of note: This new lounge is a late night-one, aimed toward drinkers of a certain hour; doors open weekdays at 10pm and Saturday and Sundays an hour earlier. But fight off any sleepiness, it will be worth staying up and drinking in there.

“There’s no real concept behind the room,” Ireland explains, and goes on to say that similar to the front room, which he describes as being “zero bullshit,” Ireland and crew “just went with our gut and our tastes. It just happens to look fucking great.”

Three Diamond Door: 211 Knickerbocker Avenue, Bushwick



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