Oh, Look: It’s a Video of the Worst Person in Brooklyn Yelling about White Privilege


I’m going to ask you to close your eyes (well, ok, keep them open actually, so you can keep reading) and conjure an image of the kind of Brooklyn resident who gives this borough a bad name, the kind of person who possesses a very specific blend of obliviousness and privilege, one which embodies entitlement and self-satisfaction and just makes you want to throw up because, fuck, if that type of asshole isn’t just all over the place these days. Anyway. Are you done? Do you have a person in mind? You do, don’t you? And is it the jogger in the video below? Or the guy pushing the stroller? Is it an evil hybrid-combination of the two? Yes. I thought so. 

Via Gothamist, we watched this video in which an enraged white jogger yells at a white guy pushing a stroller through the chaotic, construction-impacted streets of Downtown Brooklyn, and accuses the stroller-pusher of being a colonizer and in possession of a whole lot of “white privilege! White fucking privilege!… Fucking white trash!” The jogger also threatens to punch—and kill!—the stroller-pusher, while a cop laconically keeps them separated.

It’s all a kind of dramatic—and yet also anti-climactic; nothing happens, really—video representation of the worst kind of person living in Brooklyn right now, namely, the kind of white dude who will yell at another white dude for being an interloper in a neighborhood that has historically been primarily non-residential until about a decade ago, and thus wasn’t some sort of wild frontier to be settled. Gross.

Anyway, guys, the main takeaway here? Don’t run while on coke. Or meth. Or both.


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