The Worst Brooklyn Menu Cliches Come to Life with a New Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator

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Are you a restaurateur newly acclimating to the overwrought Brooklyn food scene? If you’ve been trying to craft a menu that smacks of originality but have come up short, then this Brooklyn menu generator, made by Reddit-user pbeunttz, will be of absolutely no help to you. The Redditor says he designed the website, which generates meaningless but familiar cuisine descriptions like “Beer-Braised Shell Bean with Sprouted Eggplant,” and “palmed artichoke tacos with clam pie,” after visiting a Brooklyn bar “that had a really infuriating menu.” 

But just what kind of menu could spark the ire of a man so strongly? What kind of bar would prompt him to build a website that satirizes the trite world of Brooklyn foodies? Well, while we don’t know specifically which establishment drove pbeunttz over the edge, we’re given a pretty good indication of what the place is like, considering the randomly generated menus on his website. Besides, he’s noted that much of the menu items on his site “were pulled directly” from the stodgy restaurant.

Here are a few examples:


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Well, if “awakened clam & homemade rye” doesn’t really fit your fancy, there’s still a swath of dive bars in Brooklyn where you can swill Jim Beam and eat cheese balls. Don’t you ever ever forget that.

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