Lit Lounge Isn’t Coming to Bushwick After All, But That’s Kind of Ok


After eyeing the great hipster paradise of Bushwick as a potential relocation site for his storied dive bar, Lit Lounge co-owner Erik Foss is primed to keep his business in the East Village. Earlier this summer, Foss decried the deflated culture and influx of pastel-wearing bros that now swarm the East Village in an interview with Club Planet. He called Brooklyn the “nexus that has become the cultural cauldron of New York,” and wanted to move Lit across the East River after exorbitant rent had priced him out of Manhattan. 

But any excitement that might have come with the Lit Lounge setting up shop in Brooklyn has quickly been allayed, as East Village Grieve just posted a photo that claims Lit will reopen on September 11th in its original location. Sent by a tipster, the photo mentions Foss, and hints at a deep, necessary clean taking place inside the notoriously grungy dive.

lit lounge

While we might be sad that we won’t ever get a taste of Foss’s “terrifying new restaurant-club hybrid,” which he told Gothamist he intended to open up in the basement of Bushwick’s Currant Cafe, Lit’s re-opening represents a victory for one of the last vestiges of the East Village’s formerly wild nightlife, and quite frankly, we’re fine with that.

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