Citi Bike Expands into North Brooklyn; Shows Screening of E.T. Tomorrow Night

Photo: Drpavlov/Flickr Creative Commons

In case you hadn’t noticed that Citi Bikes have descended onto the streets of north Brooklyn over the last couple weeks, the New York City bike share program is performing something of a neighborly deed, treating residents of Williamsburg to a free outdoor screening of E.T., complete with a bike valet and free snacks. 

Citi Bike formally unveiled 23 new outposts just last week, and Citi Bike spokesperson Madeline Kaye calls the company’s current foray into new territory “an unprecedented expansion,” in an email.

Kaye also noted that Citi Bike intends to increase its citywide presence even more by 2017, saying the company plans to “double the size of the network from 6,000 to more than 12,000 bikes.”

And what better way for Citi Bike to announce its arrival in a new neighborhood than to throw a party and offer a membership discount in the process?

The bikeshare program’s outdoor screening of E.T. will take place at 8pm tomorrow. Participants of the “bike-in” event, which will take place at 50 Kent, can expect free Reese’s Pieces as they watch everyone’s favorite alien story. Additionally, anyone who signs up for the Citi Bike program before August 31st gets $25 off their membership fee.

Here’s a map of Citi Bike’s new locations in Brooklyn. Note that blue pins indicate active Citi Bike outposts whereas yellow pins indicate that a location is still under construction or forthcoming.


source: citi bike


Source: Citibike


source: Citibike


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