This Animated Video Outlines the Mayor’s Ten Year Affordable Housing Plan

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.16.48 AM

New York City is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis, and most New Yorkers are seeing their wages flatline while the cost of rent skyrockets. And according to the mayor’s office, the city is dealing with an influx of newcomers who greatly outnumber the amount of people leaving. Quite simply, there isn’t enough housing, but Mayor de Blasio has put forth a ten year plan that will ostensibly build and/or protect 200,000 affordable housing units across the city. The plan is explained in a quirky infographic video commissioned by the mayor’s office.

Housing New York, the decade-long initiative to make the city an accommodating place for those without a six figure salary, will apparently usher in enough new living quarters to “house everyone from the poorest New Yorkers to working families struggling to make ends meet,” according to the video.

It’s the long-arching plan that de Blasio ultimately wants to solidify his legacy when his mayorship ends.

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