Visit the Grand Prospect Hall Beer Garden, Where All Your Dreams Will Come True

Behind these doors lies a beer-lover's paradise.
Behind these doors lies a beer-lover’s paradise.

We have a great deal of hometown affection for The Grand Prospect Hall, having grown up with their spectacularly awkward commercials (see below). In fact, we totally support the owners’ bid to overtake Jay and Bey, as the King and Queen of Brooklyn, or Taylor Swift, as the Global Welcome Ambassadors of NYC. But in truth, we only recently had occasion to step foot inside The GPH’s hallowed, gold-plated walls (for Park Slope’s A Taste of Fifth) being that neither we, nor any of our friends, ever thought twice about actually getting married in the place—can you just imagine your grandma posing for pictures, against a hazardously low railing overhanging the BQE?

But now, in an attempt to appeal to the day-to-day needs of residents, The Grand Prospect Hall has adopted a brand new slogan—“Brooklynite’s can’t live on water alone”—the calling card of their just-opened, 1,000-seat, two-bar-strong Bavarian Biergarten—commercial hopefully forthcoming. At 17,000-square feet, the indoor-outdoor space easily rivals the area’s other outsized drinking oasis, Greenwood Park, and what it lacks in bocce courts and cornhole, it makes up for with a handful of soothing water elements, and lush, bucolic greenery to spare.

Inspired by the 19th century building’s Teutonic roots (it was a popular hangout for Park’s Slope’s “Gold Coast Society,” comprised largely of Bavarian immigrants), the urban oasis offers 24 taps of both German and New York State craft beers, and a sizeable menu of rib-sticking, Eastern European fare. There’s a selection of soft pretzels (expect to pay a dollar more for the beguilingly advertised “uber soft”), grilled wurst sausages with sauerkraut, potato pancakes, herb-sprinkled spaetzle, and even kale salads and vegan seiten schnitzel—because (and you knew we were going to say it), The Grand Prospect Hall remains doggedly committed to making all our dreams come true.

263 Prospect Avenue, Park Slope


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