The Chicken Shack Is Back! Get One Before It Suddenly Disappears Again.


Shake Shack’s new fried chicken sandwich, the Chicken Shack, suddenly vanished last week, two days after its debut. Shake Shack only had a limited supply of this expertly fried chicken sandwich, and well, the restaurant sort of underestimated the demand. To be honest, we were kind of sad to see it go so suddenly. 

But despair no more! Shake Shack promised the sandwich would return today, and sure enough, the Chicken Shack is back and available at all Brooklyn locations.

The sandwich is available at the following stores:  409 Fulton Street in Downtown Brooklyn, 1 Old Fulton Street in DUMBO and 170 Flatbush Avenue across from the Barclays Center.

The restaurant originally planned the Chicken Shack to be a limited-time kind of thing, so make the right choice and head out to your local Shake Shack today. Just don’t eat too many of them. We don’t want the disappearing act to repeat itself.

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