Every Recent Film Shoot in New York City, Mapped

"Filmed in NYC," via Metrocosm
“Filmed in NYC,” via Metrocosm

Manhattan is the setting for too many classic films to count, from King Kong to Citizen Kane to Super Fly. Now, though, with the volume of film business in New York at an all-time peak, Brooklyn is catching up to Manhattan as one of the east coast’s top filming destinations, as a new interactive map of every recent film shoot in New York City visualizes.

Max Galka and Steve Melendez of Metrocosm used data from the Mayor’s Office of Theatre and Broadcasting to map every film permit issued in New York City between 2011 and 2013, which added up to 517 movies shot in 17,241 locations. The map, called “Filmed in NY,” helps you hunt down your favorite NYC-based film locales in real life. It also visualizes Brooklyn’s exploding cinema scene, revealing the borough is no longer just for indie flick shoots. Photogenic Williamsburg is second only to Midtown as the city’s most-filmed neighborhood, and Greenpoint is the city’s fifth most popular spot for film permits. Although many of the recent movies filmed in Brooklyn were indies, a few big-ticket Hollywood productions–The Amazing Spiderman 2, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty–were also shot in Kings County. According to the map, the 47th Regiment Armory, in Williamsburg, is Brooklyn’s top filming destination.

Here are the city’s top five destinations for film permits:

1. Midtown, Manhattan – 842 Permits
2. Williamsburg, Brooklyn – 771 Permits
3.  Financial District, Manhattan – 644 Permits
4.  Harlem, Manhattan – 432 Permits
5.  Greenpoint, Brooklyn – 409 Permits

Click on a location to reveal a drop-down list of films that were shot there, or click on a film’s title to get a zoomed-out view of every city location in which it was shot. Play around with the interactive map here.

[via CityLab]


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