The Great Big Bacon Picnic Is Coming to Brooklyn

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We don’t tend to subscribe to the sentiment that everything’s better with bacon. But we’re fully aware that we’re very much in the minority, which is the reason events such as The Great Big Bacon Picnic exist—to appeal to the masses for whom there’s no greater pleasure than feasting on 100-some odd dishes, liberally larded with strips of cured and rendered pork.

Taking place this weekend in Williamsburg’s old Pfizer factory, the indoor-outdoor porcine celebration will welcome a number of notoriously pig-obsessed chefs (i.e. Fette Sau’s Joe Carroll and Traif’s Jason Marcus, of the famed bacon doughnuts), restaurants (including Morgan’s, El Almacen, Boomwich, Le Fond and Landhaus—well known for its bacon on a stick), food trucks (Pig Guy NYC and our all-time fave, Hard Times Sundaes), as well as brew masters, distillers, and culinary experts from all over New York.

General admission tickets cover unlimited tastes of bite-sized, bacon-centric creations, but considering the use of turkey bacon, soy bacon, or any other non-pork product masquerading as bacon is strictly verboten, vegetarians will definitely want to sit this one out. Not that attendees need to feel guilty about gorging on slab bacon, back bacon, collar bacon, cottage bacon, picnic bacon, Irish bacon, Canadian bacon, pork belly, pork loin, fatback, lardon, pancetta, rashers, ham hock, jowl and guanciale, since 10% of net proceeds will benefit City Harvest and Share Our Strength.

Because being a do-gooder tastes even better with bacon.

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