Citi Bike Is Finally Expanding to Red Hook and Park Slope

Citi Bikes

When Citi Bike first launched in 2013, there was a lot of criticism of the city’s brand new bike share program for being only for “rich, white people.” And while we ultimately found these charges of elitism specious, it also remained true that certain parts of the city—including areas which have historically been underserved by public transportation, like Red Hook—were left without Citi Bike docking stations, rendering those area’s residents even further bereft of transportation options. 

All of which is why it was so exciting today to find out that, two years into the Citi Bike-era, Red Hook should soon be getting its own docking stations! Finally. DNAinfo reports that “Citi Bike is a step closer to rolling out in neighborhoods like Red Hook and Park Slope after officials met Tuesday to discuss its expansion into Brooklyn,” and that the areas “will be included in the latest citywide expansion, which will double the number of stations for the bike-sharing program by the end of 2017.” Other neighborhoods due to get docking stations include Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, and Gowanus, with the “first stations in the district will hit neighborhoods west of Fourth Avenue, which includes Red Hook and Gowanus.”

What’s particularly nice about the rollout of the district’s Citi Bike program is that attention will first be paid to the areas (Red Hook and Gowanus) which need it most—not the ones where the wealthiest residents reside. Now, you might be thinking, Well, of course they’re heading there first—those are the places with limited subway and bus options. And you’d be thinking logically and accurately! But since when do logic and accuracy ever have anything to do with the way things get done in this city? Exactly. So all we’re saying is, be grateful that it’s happening this way this one time. Just probably don’t get used to it, you know?


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