The Subway Has Never Been More Expensive or More Crowded


The subway now costs $2.75 to ride, which is the most expensive that it has ever been. It is also maybe not the least pleasant it has ever been to ride the subway, but it sure isn’t a fun trip. Over the past year, delays on subway lines increased enormously, with around 20 percent of all trains arriving late. You’re now paying even more for worse service.

For a complete breakdown of just how much it sucks to ride the subway line of your choice, DNA Info has made a series of informative, depressing charts. The takeaway? The 5, 6, and A trains had the most delays, but pretty much every line ran behind schedule on the regular.

What’s happening?  Why are there so many giant iPads and so few intelligible service announcements?  The MTA is blaming a surge in ridership, while advocacy groups point to lack of funding. Either way, the subway is terrible and expensive. You’re welcome. Happy Monday.