Talking With Katie Garcia, Co-founder/Manager of Bayonet Records, A&R for Secretly Label Group

“It’s an exciting time for independent labels in Brooklyn,” says Katie Garcia, co-founder/manager of Bayonet Records, and A&R for Secretly Label Group. “We all know each other and have a really tight community, and I think the growth is partially attributed to that support. Of course there will always be a bit of competitiveness when it comes to scouting bands, but overall it’s nice to see neighboring labels succeed.”

On where the pseudo-family of North Brooklyn labels will be in the next decade: “In Ridgewood! I think the success of those labels will definitely continue, but I can’t guarantee that office rent will stay the same. Not too surprising though. It’s just the nature of New York City to be constantly changing and morphing into different versions of itself.”

On the benefits and drawbacks of operating in Brooklyn: “A lot of great bands live here and every band that tours makes a stop in New York, so it’s basically an A&R paradise! It’s a lot easier to get projects in motion here since you can talk to people face to face. That being said, with the amount of time everyone spends online, it’s pretty easy to get a label up and running from any city. And I think there is a lot to be said about music scenes in small towns. Labels in small cities garner these cult followings, put on shows, sign local bands, etc. I feel like New York is like that too, but on a macro level.”


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