This Is What’s Replacing Spike Hill

Photo: Meshberg Group, via Racked

Had you been wondering about what kind of building was going to move into the space that Williamsburg’s Spike Hill so recently occupied? Wonder no more. The glass-and-steel structure above, one future generations might dub the “East Village special,” is going to be the new retail space where the beloved watering hole once stood.

RedSky Capital, the firm that bought up 184-186 Bedford Avenue last year for a cool $40 million, is converting the building to all-retail. Rents on the ground floor start at $400 per square foot; the second floor is going for a little bit cheaper, at $125 per square foot.

“Five years ago, you would decide to do retail on the ground floors and apartments upstairs,” a RedSky spokesman told the Wall Street Journal. “I think there is a lot of pent-up demand from before the recession for retailers to open stores in Williamsburg.”



  1. The image is one block south of Spike Hill, between N5 and N6. Spike hill is closer to N7. So either the developers made a mistake, or this is yet another building that is going up and more businesses are closing…


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