Williamsburg White Castle Sold for $23 Million


Remember the beloved East Williamsburg White Castle that shuttered last year, never again to churn out those sweet, greasy sliders that we all know and love? Well, the site of that White Castle at 781 Metropolitan Avenue just sold to a company called Adam America. And how much did they buy it for? Oh, a cool $23 million. That’s even more outrageous when you consider that the building’s owner had sold the same space in 2013 for $6.7 million. That’s right, people: That’s more than triple what it cost just a year before. 

Via The Real Deal, Adam America entered into a contract to purchase the site in December. What do they plan to do with the sadly decommissioned fast food chain? We’ll give you one guess. That’s right! A luxury high-rise residential building. Ding ding ding! They’ve already filed permits to destroy the old White Castle building. We’ll give you a minute to compose yourself.


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