What To Do With Your Blizzard Supplies: Have A Party

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Now that we’ve all awoken to a city that is blessedly untouched by snow tornadoes, you probably have some questions. Like: What do I do with this economy-sized cheese block I bought yesterday on the assumption that groceries would never be available again? And: How do I deal with this post-not-a-disaster bout of depression? Never fear, we have a simple solution: Have a party.

I don’t know how you elected to stock up for the blizzard, but if you’re anything like me and the people I was standing behind in the line at Key Foods yesterday, it was probably heavy on the not-great-for-you nonperishables. Like Doritos! And Bud Lite. Good news, kiddies: This coming weekend is some sort of much-hyped football event where those two things are usually present. Why not throw a party so that you can commiserate with your friends on the dud blizzard of 2015, watch football or ignore football or play an anti-football board game, and chow down on your collected stores of weird “emergency essential” items?

Even if you don’t celebrate the Super Bowl, a party is a good move. Remember last month around this time when you had about a dozen different party commitments to run to and you couldn’t enjoy any of them? This time of year is the opposite. No one is throwing parties. We need more parties in late January and all of February, the most hum-drum months of the year anyway.

Of course, if you have a lot of those actual essential items for a storm, don’t worry. Batteries are good to have around. So is ramen. You never know when you’ll be called upon to host a college slumber party. Really, you can just pat yourself on the back for having a full fridge for once, and not having to do your normal grocery store run this week. And if you really have too much in your fridge, I bet that a food pantry like City Harvest would be happy to have your leftovers.



  1. That is correct. Don’t forget the food pantries. Some are closer than you know. I had an Xmas ham to give away one year and found one really close to me.


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