Here Are Some Rats Fighting, Try Not To Think Of It As Metaphor


In New York, one of the many delusions that helps us get through every day is that we are not much like the teeming nests of rats beneath our feet, each one striving and scrapping for their precious piece of garbage. Which is why this video is at first sort of funny, and then sort of inspiring of existential dread, you know what I’m saying? Like, aren’t we all these rats? Just squabbling meaninglessly for a piece of french fry as some busker plays on the Chinatown subway platform? Just so focused on the trash in front of us and getting through the daily grind that we don’t even notice, man, that we’re just rats in a maze, man. [Insert emoji for “stoner whoa”].

Anyway, here is a video of two New York city denizens going about their business. Just keep living your life. It’s fine.



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