Patrick Stewart to De Blasio: Time For a Stroller Lane in Park Slope


Brooklyn celebrities, we’ve got a few, but one of the best recent immigrants has to be Sir Patrick Stewart. (Sorry, Hilary Duff.) He lives in Park Slope, and he loves pizza. And now he has a proposal that we’d back 100%: a separate lane in Brooklyn for those double-wide strollers. De Blasio, are you listening?

In an interview with the New York Observer, Stewart talked about his life in Brooklyn, and his new movie Match. He’s not a big fan of the Park Slope co-op which he thinks takes itself too seriously. (No kidding.) “There were too many rules,” Stewart said. “It would be like going back to school.”

But tell us more about the strollers, Patrick. Apparently Stewart has written to Mayor de Blasio, who he is a “big fan” of, to propose a bill to have a specific lane for them. “But they will be on the outside of the bike lanes. So you will have traffic, stroller lanes, bike lanes, sidewalke,” he said. Perfect.

Other good advice from Stewart: “Never tweet when you’ve been drinking alcohol. If you’re not sure about something, sleep on it.”

See, that’s why he’s a knight and you’re not.


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