Innovation in Craft Beer: The Science of Brewing (Video, Part 1 of 2)

We are adamant in our belief that an astounding and unprecedented percentage of the best beer in the world is being made here in the United States. And, though we’re willing to acknowledge the possibility that we are slightly biased, we also believe that an awful lot of it is being made right in our own backyard—in Brooklyn, of course, but also in Queens and out on Long Island and elsewhere in the area.

This is a fairly new development. In 2009 there were four craft breweries in all of New York City. Today, just five years later, we’re at a whopping 25. But what happened in recent years that made possible this substantial shift—this explosion, really—which has been echoed all over the country?

On January 20th at Brooklyn Brewery, we, along with a group of experts, will try to come up with some answers. This month’s installment of our Northside Innovation Meetups will explore Innovation in Craft Beer: How Entrepreneurs are Transforming the Beverage Industry, with presentations by Untappd co-founder Greg Avola and co-founder Eric Stephens, plus a panel discussion featuring Joe Grimm of Grimm Artisanal Ales, Basil Lee of Finback Brewery, and Steve Hindy, co-founder of Brooklyn Brewery. The event is invite-only, but if you’d like to attend, send us an email with one or two questions you’d like to ask the participants. There will be six lucky winners, because, get it? Six is the number of beers that come in a standard, commercially available package!

Above, you’ll find a video in which we begin to delve into one of the most important elements of this whole topic: innovations in the science of brewing. Tomorrow, we’ll be back with part two, on the important role community has played in the craft’s growth.


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