Hilary Duff Lives In Brooklyn, Is a Total Brooklyn Mom


Duff and Debi Mazar, just two Brooklyn moms paling around. Photo via Duff's Instagram
Duff and Debi Mazar, just two Brooklyn moms paling around.
Photo via Duff’s Instagram

Today in news that was actually surprising enough for me to say “huh, what?” out loud to myself: Hilary Duff lives in Brooklyn and is a total Brooklyn mom. Who knew, right? Not me!

In the latest issue of ElleDuff is interviewed about her new show Younger (co-starring Sutton Foster and Debi Mazar) and about her new life in Brooklyn. Duff explains, “I’d actually never been to Brooklyn before I started apartment hunting. Just having Luca here, I wanted a little more space so it just made sense. It’s quieter. I live in a really cute neighborhood with just enough not to be bored but not have the craziness of having 200 people on the street that are like all over you when you’re trying to walk out of your apartment.” One of the photos accompanying the article (see below) shows Duff posed on a beautiful, tree-lined street of gracious brownstones. There’s no indication that Duff actually lives in the neighborhood shown, but that specific street looks a lot to us like Polhemus Place in central Park Slope, a part of Brooklyn that could definitely be called “really cute.” It also wouldn’t be too far away from where co-star and fellow Brooklyn mom Debi Mazar lives with her family.

Duff seems to be fitting in quite well here in Brooklyn and even is very relatable because she is intimidated by her fellow Brooklyn moms, who she finds to be “so inspiring,” even though she can never tell if they’re “20 or 50.” So, anyway, this isn’t exactly life-changing news or anything—not at all. But it is kind of interesting that one of the biggest teen TV stars of the early 2000s has been living in Brooklyn for months now and nobody knew about it. We have reached peak celebrity Brooklyn, you guys. Next thing you know, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will move here and send all their kids to public school and nobody will even raise an eyebrow. That’s just the kind of Brooklyn we live in today. Less White Castles, more Disney Channel stars. What a world.

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photo via Elle
photo via Elle


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