Brooklyn Uber Driver Carjacked At Gunpoint


Oh man, this is not a good way to close out the year. A Brooklyn Uber driver was carjacked at gunpoint this morning at around 7:30 am in Crown Height. The worst part? Police still aren’t sure if there was a passenger in the car at the time. 

Police told the New York Post that four men approached the black 2013 Lexus sedan at Schenectady Avenue and Dean Street. They flashed their guns to the driver, presumably ejected him, and then sped off in the car. No arrests have been made. Hopefully that car was empty when those dudes stole it.

Other unfortunate holiday week Uber news: The car-sharing service is going to start charging a $2 fee to hail a yellow cab using the app’s “UberT” service.  So maybe just ride a bike or take your chances with one of New York City’s many, many other transportation options. Though I guess there’s a chance of getting stabbed in the subway too, so, maybe just stay at home forever.


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