Silent Barn Launches Membership Program


It’s been a rough year for Brooklyn’s DIY spaces, in case you hadn’t heard. But one place that’s standing strong through the wave of closures is Bushwick’s venerable Silent Barn, which has continued to host interesting shows and art installations throughout 2014. And if you want to support them, or maybe get a last minute Christmas present for that person in your life who’s always going to shows, the collective just announced a new membership program. For $25/month or $300 for the whole year, you can get into every show free as well as support the artists in residence at Silent Barn. Plus it’s tax deductible, which means that come April 15, you will curse just that little bit less.

Per the website, currently the memberships are only available to those who have donated in the past. [UPDATE: Nope! Via a Silent Barn organizer, they are now available to all.] Signing up earns you a membership pin which gives you access to all shows for free, plus allows you to weigh in on the operations of the Barn during an “Omni” meeting with the organizers. They also offer playlists from Silent Barn performers, which seems like a nice bonus.



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