Here Are Some People Who Spend As Much On Seamless Each Month as Some People Spend On Rent

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So if we had to make a list of reasons to love New York (and we don’t! BuzzFeed did an epically bad version for us), one of the things on it would have to be that we can get food delivered to anywhere we are, at any time of day or night. It’s just the greatest. But, uh, it’s also really expensive. Obviously. You knew that already, right? Right. So while we might love getting delivery (and at times heavily over-rely on Seamless), we don’t do it all the time, you know? We have limited budgets! We’re part of the 99%. But apparently, we’re kind of alone in this: There’s a bunch of New Yorkers who spend as much on Seamless as many of us do on rent. 

Via the New York Post, we had our hate-read of the day, as we learned about all the New Yorkers who—oops! without even realizing it!—spend up to $1,800 a month on Seamless delivery. There’s “the 30-year-old sponsorship coordinator says she spends as much as $800 a month on Seamless delivery to her Harlem apartment” and the guy who averages “$20 per meal, sometimes three meals a day — including baked clams from Pizza Italia, egg whites from Guy & Gallard, and his “cheat day” splurges of a bagel with cream cheese from Murray’s Bagels and chicken lo mein from Chef Yu — his absolute favorite meal” all for a grand total of $1,800/month. And then there’s the young woman who racked up $900 a month on her dad’s credit card because that’s just what happens when you’re a 27-year-old still using your dad’s credit card? We guess so! We wouldn’t really know. We stopped using our dad’s credit card years ago. Oh, wait. We never did.

Look, at this point, no amount of profligacy in New York should really surprise us. Waste is common here and we’re guilty of it all the time. But there’s something about the sheer amount of money some people are spending on things like a fucking bagel and cream cheese—especially at this time of year, when consumer spending is encouraged to a disgusting degree—that actually horrifies us. So that’s why we’re calling it now: 2015 will be the year of bringing lunch to work—at least for us it will.

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