#BKOriginal: The Far-Out Murals of Truco Studios

Ramiro-Davaro-Comas-truco-studios-bk-originals-fillmore-real-estateRamiro Davaro-Comas of Truco Studios

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Artist Ramiro Davaro-Comas has lived and worked in cities over the world, from Western Europe to South America. He’s only called Brooklyn home for a year so far; but in that time, he’s left his mark on the borough—literally. Davaro-Comas has painted more than 25 murals in Brooklyn, adorning brick walls with big-eyed, brightly colored figures striding or floating across fantastical landscapes.

“After I stopped traveling, it seemed like New York, and especially Brooklyn, was a good next step,” he says. “I came here because of the artwork, the scene, everything that was happening. And it’s been great so far.”

Davaro-Comas is the creative director of Truco Studios, a one-man operation based out of his combination studio/living space in Bed-Stuy. The high-ceilinged loft is hung with large, finished canvases, works-in-progress and mock-ups for future pieces.


In addition to his numerous murals, many of which can be found in Bushwick and Williamsburg, Davaro-Comas regularly displays smaller works at galleries throughout the city. He also creates zines and illustrated book, and accepts illustration and painting commissions both locally and internationally.

Earlier this year, Davaro-Comas and fellow Brooklyn artist Chris Soria worked with Groundswell, a nonprofit that brings at-risk youth into the public-art-making process. They led a group of kids, some of them on probation, to create two murals in Brownsville.

“I’ve never gotten so much love when I’m painting,” Davaro-Comas said of working in the east Brooklyn neighborhood. “People were really impacted by it and they really, really wanted it to happen. It was awesome. I think the kids got a lot out of it.”


Much of the work he’s gotten locally has come from people approaching him on the sidewalk while he’s painting murals. “It kind of happens organically,” he explains. “A lot of people walk by, and they have ideas and different projects that they want you to do, and they’ll invite you over.”

See more of Davaro-Comas’s work at trucostudios.com.