Wednesday Nor’easter To Destroy Your Thanksgiving Plans, Make Everything Horrible


OK, listen. I know it’s a short week, and your mind might be elsewhere. But honestly, weather, what is up with you? It’s 70 degrees today after near-arctic temperatures last week. And now, on Wednesday, just in time for millions of people to be cramming into trains and buses and seething quietly against the dull-faced TSA workers at LaGuardia as they attempt to make their flight in time, the weather is serving up a terrible-travel special. That’s right, kids: A Nor’easter is barreling towards the East Coast that will make trying to get anywhere Wednesday into an unbelievable nightmare. Great, great great great. Here is the general outlined game plan, which involves lots of migraine-inducing phrases like “Winter Storm Watch” and “freezing rain” and “good luck trying to get to your grandmother’s house now, you suckers.” Basically on Wednesday, things will start off with some gross, very cold rain that might change into sloppy, hard-to-navigate snow. Or it might just do away with the pleasantries altogether and freeze into an impenetrable sheet of ice. Cool times!

According to the Oracle Accuweather, “the storm should rapidly strengthen off the coast of New England on Wednesday night, leading to strong and gusty winds, especially near the coast. This would lead to some blowing and drifting of the snow, making travel on Wednesday night very difficult.”

Yes “very difficult,” because Thanksgiving travel is already so relaxing and not at all full of crippling anxiety and screaming children and rehearsed internal monologues about what you’re going to tell your mother after she asks you for the fifth time why you didn’t become a veterinarian because “you were always so passionate about animals.”



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