A Snow Alert Is On for Tonight: or, People Sure Have a Lot to Say About a Forty Degree Day

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So, we just learned that the Department of Sanitation has issued a snow alert starting at 8pm tonight (see below). Perhaps predictably everyone is getting PRETTY WORKED UP about this. Because, you know, IT’S HERE. Winter! It’s come. It’s come so hard all over New York City in the form of an Arctic Blast that has thus far brought… A SNOW ALERT and FORTY DEGREE DAYS. (Yawn.)

Look, maybe I’m particularly unruffled by the news of this snow alert because I like snow and I like winter, but this all seems pretty overblown. Unless my phone’s weather app is wrong (and it’s sometimes NEVER wrong), the temperature isn’t even going to get below freezing until Tuesday, and the amount of snow predicted tonight is more of  a dusting than a blizzard. Meanwhile, people are getting all worked up over this forty (technically forty-eight right now) degree day we’re having. So, because I will use any excuse to invoke the great Stringer Bell, you all need to calm down: A forty degree day means nobody should have shit to say about it. It might not bring a smile to your face, or have you out barbecuing, but it sure isn’t the kind of weather that gets a person’s blood complaining.

So, you know, calm the fuck down over the next few forty degree days, and get your blood complaining over something else. Like the fact that “in Alabama, a judge can override a jury that spares a murderer from the death penalty.” Now that’s something to get worked up over.


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