Two Window Washers Are Trapped on the Side of the Freedom Tower

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 1.46.38 PM
photo via @zackfoot

Via Mashable, we just learned that two window washers are currently dangling from the side of One World Trade Center, trapped in what is every New Yorker’s own personal nightmare.

A call came in to 911 at 12:42 today to help the window washers, who remain tied to the damaged scaffolding. Rescue operations are currently underway to save the two men, who are suspended at the level of the 69th floor, and bystanders are speculating that the emergency crew might need to cut through the facade of the building to rescue the men. We will update as we find out more, but all we have to say for now is, holy shit. Stay safe up there.

Update: The Wall Street Journal reports: “A Fire Department official said a cable appears to have snapped while the motorized scaffolding was returning to the top of One World Trade Center.”



Final Update: Both window washers are safe and sound. We are still a little nauseous just thinking about thing!



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