Chelsea Cafe Serves Cappucinos In Bell Peppers

(Photo via New York Daily News/Bryan Smith)
(Photo via New York Daily News/Bryan Smith0

Yeah, you read that correctly. A new cafe in Chelsea, the irritatingly named, has just stolen the crown for New York’s weirdest cup of coffee away form that $10 licorice latte in Greenpoint. Because at, they serve their cappucinos in hollowed out yellow bell peppers. Gauntlet: thrown.

The coffee shop is the brainchild of Italian master barista Ettore Diana, who, just to give you some perspective on things, thinks McDonald’s coffee is pleasant. After tasting a cup of Stumptown, he had this to say to the Daily News:

“Very bland,” he declared before tossing the still-full cup of Ethiopia Duromina directly into the trash. “If Starbucks is a place to come together with your friends, this would be the place to lose your friends.”

The other coffee drinks at are generally fairly normal ones that have really bogus garnishes. Like a mocha ringed with rose petals and topped with a watermelon rind heart called A Woman in New York. We’re  80 percent sure that he just arrived in New York to troll us.


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