Criminal Gang Tries, Fails to Rob Bank With Drills


A crew of would-be robbers with access to power tools has been attempting to break into New York City banks using drills to bore their way in. The band seems to be both very good and very bad at their heists. They haven’t actually managed to rob a single bank, but they’ve also been sneaky enough with their excursions not to get caught, leaving NYPD semi-bewildered.

Here’s the deal: Since November 2012, the New York Post reports, the crew that the tabloid is calling the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang (What can you do, the Dead Rabbits was taken) has hit six banks using their nefarious tool approach, including the Fort Greene Citibank and a TD branch in Brooklyn. In all the incidents, the gang manages to mostly evade the alarm system and surveillance cameras and attempt to cut or bore their way into the vault from an adjacent building or higher floor. Police have only a few leads, including a black-clad figure caught on camera and some handsaws left hastily behind.

“Why keep doing it if you’re unsuccessful?” a source said to the Post. “The only explanation I have is that they must believe it will be a huge payday if they do succeed.” Ah yes. If at first you don’t succeed, rob, rob again.


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