Fancy Cocktail or Brooklyn-based Band? Test Your Knowledge Here.


Walking into a new cocktail bar in your neighborhood is often one of the more confusing experiences you can have. The lighting is dim, the music is eerie and strange, and the menu is a long, thoughtful list of words, strung together in an improbable sequence. “Would I drink a Handsome Alvarado or is that some new band I don’t know about that I should?” you wonder to yourself as you scan the menu for anything familiar.  It’s the same burbling anxiety that fills your stomach when you look at the lineup for CMJ, or, say, Northside Festival(wink, wink) and realize that the names on the roster are interchangeable with the menu from that dark, wallpapered bar you were at the night before. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Take a look at these names, and test your knowledge of hip drinking establishments and dark, sticky-floored music venues. Answers are after the jump.

  1. Welcome To The Dollhouse
  2. Pearl and The Beard
  3. Hundredfold Glow
  4. Lost in Austin
  5. Half Waif
  6. Cloud Becomes Your Hand
  7. The San Francisco Handshake
  8. Civil Yacht Club
  9. The Meaning Of Life

  1.  A fizzy concotion of Aquavit, creme de peche, vermouth and Campari, which you can find at The Clover Club in Park Slope.
  2.  Band! Check out their glossy harmonies and jangly guitar-driven pop here.
  3.  This also sounds like a fancy skin oil for rich women, but it’s actually a drink made with red currant rum, double spiced Gomme syrup, Aperol, lime, and orange bitters. Find it at Ramona in Greenpoint.
  4. You can find this spicy and delicious cocktail, made with tequila, serrano pepper syrup, watermelon juice and lime at Blueprint in Park Slope.
  5. Band. Check out Nandi Rose Pluckett’s dreamy, surreal pop and keep an eye out, as she plays shows in and around the neighborhood.
  6. Band. Check out their happy-go-lucky, guitar driven debut, out on Brooklyn’s own Northern Spy Records.
  7. I am pleased to report that this is not a questionable sex act, but a neighborhood favorite cocktail at Hotel Delmano.
  8. A delicious cocktail of bourbon, Combier, orange juice, lime, mango, bitters and a dash of cayenne pepper. Get it at Maison Premiere.
  9. This is so many things, but in this iteration, it is upbeat shoegaze from front woman Marta deLeon and friends. Catch them live at Shea Stadium October 4.




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