New York’s Worst Idea For A Park Is Now Open


Have you ever been to the Holland Tunnel entrance and thought, “Ah, what a relaxing oasis. If only I had a lounge chair”? No? That’s funny. Because yesterday, the city opened park in between the merging traffic lanes on the Holland Tunnel entrance.

Yes, it’s true. You can now spread out on a lawn chair as the stream of frustrated drivers heading to New Jersey honk and curse around you! Doesn’t that sound excellent? The new parks are on triangular patches of land known officially as Freeman Plaza, and unooficially as the site most likely to have a wrecked taxi park nearby at any given moment. Oh, and the parks have no grass. Just chaise lounges in a gravel pit, people. Living the dream!

The president of the Hudson Street Business Improvement District is banking on the parks being used between rush hours, when the flow of traffic into the tunnel is less than crushing. The new parks, at Freeman Plaza East and Freeman Plaza North, opened yesterday. Pull up a chair, bring your book, and inhale some of that sweet exhaust fume air.

[Via DNAInfo]



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