Trademark Battle Over ‘Booklyn’ Is Sure Sign of End Times


You like books? You live in Brooklyn? Don’t even think about using the obvious punny portmanteau of those two, or you might have a lawsuit on your hands.

The Booklyn Artists’ Alliance is suing a nonprofit called Booklyn Shuttle for “stealing its brand” where “brand” means “the go-to joke combination of those two words,” the New York Post reports. 

Booklyn Shuttle trademarked the named in December, prompting the Booklyn Artists Alliance’s reponse. The organization apparently fears that potential donors will mix up one good cause with another good cause, and we can’t have that.



  1. I actually thought of doing a series from Brooklyn writers with the name 5 years ago but the Alliance had the name and I reached out to them but no one hit back, I thought it was a great pun and could be used well; especially at the Brooklyn Lit Events I think they could do a lot with the name but for some reason they are not, maybe this will pump a little juice into the alliance and get people to donate, which everyone should if you can.


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