Want Your Home to Smell Like Bushwick? There’s an $81 Candle for That

photo via oaknyc.com

Our favorite scented candles are Diptyque’s Feu du Bois. They’re expensive, yes, which is why we’ve only ever had them grace our home due to the courtesy of others. But, you know, Diptyque really delivers! The candle’s name holds the promise of smelling like a wood fire, and it does! We love when that happens. Or, well, we do most of the time. Because with Oak’s new line of candles inspired by street corners in New York? We’re a little afraid to breathe in too deeply.

Via Bushwick Daily, we learned that one of these candles is inspired by the Bushwick intersection of McKibbin and Bogart (the candle spells “McKibbin” wrong, but, uh, whatever?), and promises to evoke said street corner by smelling like “wood, oil, paint thinner, incense, booze, dust… and artists’ lofts.” And that smell can be yours all for the low, low price of… $81? Or, you know, just splash paint thinner around your apartment and burn some incense. Or, we guess, buy the candle. We don’t know. And maybe we don’t even care? This candle is making us sad and tired of life. We get that we’re a part of this general push of the commodification of Brooklyn. And so are you, probably. But being reminded of it in the form of this grotesque candle feels like almost too much to bear. We know, we know, it’s just a candle. And it’s just the further branding of Brooklyn. It’s nothing new. But it’s still sad. And so it goes.

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  1. I don’t agree with this–I think it’s a cool concept from a cool brand. I don’t think it’s a Brooklyn tag–it’s actually exposing unique cultures related to each neighborhood.

  2. I’d also take a minute to ponder WHY a mag supposedly dedicated to “Brooklyn” does not cover the visual arts, culture, music, activism scenes in greater depth? These are among our best exports and a sure antidote for $81 crap. I get it that cultural operators don’t buy ads and/or pay for write-ups on your pages, but you know… hard to feel grossed out by said $81 candle on the pages of a mag whose agenda has been pushing that kind of foolishness throughout. You made what could have ben an otherwise eclectic and rich publication into an outlet for yuppie-friendly FOOD, STYLE and HOMES (I’m deliberately ignoring a “NEWS” section that includes headlines such as: “Climate Change Means Subway Platforms Will Be Even More Unbearable” and reports on the City Reliquary dating back to… 2014) write-ups. It was for the sake of profit and gloss. Now write about that, and be happy? Or Not?


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