What’s the Deal With Weed World Candies?


Weed World Candies is an organization that is far less subtle than you would expect dudes purporting to hawk a largely illegal substance to be. They’re a company that rolls up to large outdoor events or just outside Union Square on pleasant nights in a tank covered in extreme close-ups of marijuana plants, boasting candies named after strains of the wacky tobacky. “O.G. Kush!” the side of the van exclaims. “Purple Haze! Lemon Drop! As seen in High Times. ” You kind of want to nudge them and tell them to tone it down. At the West Indian Day Parade this weekend, one such oversized vehicle, plastered in photos of weed, parked happily between the roti vendors and the many, many police officers stationed on the Parkway. So how on earth do these dudes get away with selling pot in broad daylight?

Basically because, despite really implying that they do, these guys aren’t selling actual marijuana. They’re selling lollipops, $5 each or $20 for 5, that purport to by flavored like cannabis and contain some amount of THC in them. You can also buy bubblegum, sour straws, brownies, and chocolate bars. The trucks are the brainchild of one Judah Izsraael, who commondeers a squadron of Weed World Candies trucks in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. His gospel is the word of marijuana, and his aim is to support legalization. But really, his aim is to get you to buy a lollipop for $5.

“We’re not giving out blunts,” Izraael told the New York Daily News. “We can’t guarantee that everyone is going to get high.”

Translation: There is, probably, some amount of THC in those lollipops. But it’s unlikely to give you the effect suggested on the truck. It’s kind of like trying to get drunk off rum raisin ice cream. Which is why the NYPD rolls their eyes and looks the other way, scanning the horizon for the arrival of Cocaine World Candies.



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