Shake Shack Bringing Back Corn Dogs, Peach Pie Concretes for Labor Day

Credit: Shake Shack

Summer’s drawing to a close, but there’s still time to enjoy some good, old-fashioned state fair cuisine. And if that appeals to you, it means that you should get yourself over to Shake Shack this long weekend, where the upscale burger chain will be doling out their twists on hometown classics. We’re talking about Peach Pie Concretes, people. This is not a drill.

Starting on Friday and going through Monday, Shake Shack will offer their limited edition corn dogs, a treat they hold in reserve for Memorial Day, served with some corn relish for dippin’. Independence Day, and Labor Day. But the thing that really got us amped was the Peach Pie Oh My Concrete, which is basically a slice of pie blended into frozen custard. If it’s anything like the blueberry version they offered for July 4, it’s going to be worth the $4.25 and run that you’ll have to exchange for it.


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