NY Loft Hostel, Bastion of Perpetually Drunk Australians, Opens Its Garden Bar To Brooklynites

(Photo via Bedford + Bowery)

Good news for that one friend who’s always drunk-shouting, “I JUST WANT A BRITISH GUYYYYYY.” The New York Loft Hostel, located near the Morgan L stop, is currently open to locals who wish to hang out with tourists, should the other choice watering hole of vomiting Europeans, Union Pool, be at capacity.

Lest you get too excited, however, Bedford + Bowery reports that the bar is “really just some dude behind a folding table, with a sign on it saying ‘Tipping is tradition in New York,'” and is only open until 10pm, serving up nightly $5 paper cup–cocktail specials and $5 beer-and-shots. Post-close, the party apparently moves to a downstairs bar, after which we assume the party, if you’re lucky, will move back upstairs to one of said drunk Australian’s bunk beds.

Regardless, the New York Loft Hostel will always hold a special place in the heart of this Brooklyn Magazine writer, as it was the site of a formative chaperone-less high school journalism trip in which eight 16-year-old Vermonters roamed, flummoxed, through 2009-era Bushwick, much to the annoyance of a certain waitress at Roberta’s, “this fusion pizza place” someone’s cool cousin had recommended. To give you a sense of the group’s collective cultural awareness and urban savvy, we present the following:


Carry on.

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