Brooklyn Manufacturer Decamping For New Jersey

The Catchmaster, AP&G’s most popular product. Image:

It seems that despite our best efforts, sometimes the best economic choice is to get the hell out of Dodge Brooklyn and to seek greener pastures. Such is the case with AP&G, a local manufacturer which is leaving Brooklyn after well over 50 years in the borough.

According to Gowanus Lounge, after being courted by both New Jersey and New York’s Economic Development Corporation, AP&G chose the former. The reasons? $11 million dollars in tax credits to settle in Bayonne and roughly 171,000-square-feet of space. Even the Development Corp. admitted finding that much space in New York City is like “looking for a diamond in the rough.”

So, what exactly are we losing? Well, nothing artisanal or locally sourced if that’s what you’re worried about. AP&G, which is currently located in Sunset Park, is best known for producing the Catchmaster, those adhesive pads that catch all the creepy crawlies we New Yorkers can’t stand like roaches, flies and (most inhumanely) mice. In the new space, AP&G will able to produce all those goods along with the help of 50 new employees in a spanking new building.

Here’s hoping the Green Manufacturing Center in the Brooklyn Navy Yard is completed soon so this kind of loss can be avoided in the future.

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