Add ‘Bee Infestation’ To Your Worst Apartment Nightmares


New York City has its share of natural horrors, from bed bugs on the subway to dog poop on the sidewalks. But bet you didn’t see this one coming: An enormous, seething, horrible colony of 50,000 bees shut up inside your apartment, like one poor Queens resident. So it wasn’t the refrigerator making that noise?

A woman named Frieda Turkmenilli discovered this delightful infestation when she spotted a couple of the critters flying around the ceiling, WABC reports. Neighbors complained to the building manager, who called in some pros, only to discover that a “superswarm” of the bugs were living in the woman’s walls.

“They’re gonna go out and find a suitable home, and come back to the swarm and relay the message,” said the NYPD’s resident bee expert Anthony Planakis, who helped control the crisis. “And they’re gonna go to that location.”

Luckily Planakis and fellow beekeeper Larry Stone managed to remove the bees and their honeycombs mostly peaceably, and relocate them to a farm upstate. They will also reside forever in our collective nightmares.


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