Loew’s Kings Theatre In Flatbush To Reopen In 2015

Loew's Kings Theatre In Flatbush To Reopen In 2015
Image: The Loew’s Collection, American Theatre Architecture Archive, Theatre Historical Society of America.

In a rare case where something we love isn’t closing, but actually reopening, we’ve learned that Loew’s Kings Theatre in Flatbush will finally reopen after nearly 40 years!

The news comes at a perfect time for the theater, seeing as September 7 marks the 85th anniversary of the theatre’s opening. For those of us way too young to have visited it when it was still in operation, the Kings Theatre stood at the epicenter of vaudeville movement in Brooklyn, later becoming a go-to spot for feature films until it closed in 1977.

Since then, the City of New York has owned the building and for years, promised to turn the space into a performing arts space. A plan was finalized in 2010 and as of this year, restoration has begun on the dilapidated theatre. And today, according to Gothamist, the City announced that come January 2015, the public will finally be able to enter the Kings Theatre, which has been restored to its former glory with most of the features from 1929 kept intact.

Once open, the space, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2012, will host 200+ “music, dance, theatre, and comedy” performances per year. And at 3,000+ seats, the new Loew’s Kings Theatre will be the largest venue in Brooklyn. You can bet we’ll be there, ticket-in-hand.

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