The Bronx Is The Dog Poop-iest Borough

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 2.34.49 PM

Ah, New York, where the sidewalks are paved with opportunity gold dog poop.

A new map, helpfully compiled by DNA Info, categorizes neighborhoods by the number of violations filed with the city in the last two years. The results? The Bronx is by far the dog poop-iest borough, with 252 violations in that time period, more than the other four boroughs combined. The crappiest neighborhoods are Norwood, West Farms, and Soundview.

Queens came in second with 68 violations, Brooklyn with 62, Manhattan had 27, and Staten Island racked up only 3.

Of course, the violations only count 311 calls, not that sinking feeling you have when your sneaker accidentally lands in a pile of fresh dog excrement. So it’s possible that the Bronx is simply the place where you’re most likely to get busted for not cleaning up after your pup. But still, maybe leave your shoes on the welcome mat if you take a stroll up there.


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