Bushwick’s Silent Barn Has A Cafe Now

Bushwick's Silent Barn Has A Cafe Now
Photo: Austin McAllister

As we head into the weekend, which should be decent weather-wise with the exception of a rainy Sunday, it’s worth noting that Silent Barn over in Bushwick, now has a fully-functional cafe.

The new cafe quietly opened this week according to their newsletter, (how Fort Tilden of them!) and is serving up coffee, espresso and every caffeinated thing in between along with sandwiches and other tasty bites from Your Way Cafe, Silent Barn’s next door neighbor. And on top of all that, Bedford + Bowery confirmed that it’s now legal for Silent Barn to serve beer in their bric-a-brac yard, which is worth oh so much in these dwindling days of summer.

For now, the cafe will only be open from 4 pm to showtime, but the collective hopes to open the cafe for daytime hours and for kid-friendly events, a book club and zine festivals. But that’s still a somewhat distant vision.

In the meantime, feel free to read our March 2013 story on the collective behind Silent Barn—hopefully, while sipping a latte in the new cafe.

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