The Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Restaurant Will Open In October

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden's New Restaurant Will Open In October
Photo via BBG

Come October, observing beautiful greenery and sniffing flowers at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden will be join by a third and even more enjoyable sensation: Shoving food into your face!

Eater is reporting that the BBG’s soon-to-be-reopened cafe will overlook Lily Pool Terrace and be named Yellow Magnolia Cafe. Nightingale 9 and Wilma Jean owner Robert Newton will spearhead the project, in partnership with Patina Restaurant Group to serve breakfast and lunch only with a very appropriate-for-the-setting “vegetable focus,” with many ingredients even being sourced straight out of its backyard.

Yellow Magnolia Cafe will operate year-round (good news for those of us who enjoy a contemplative trudge through empty, snowy fields in February) with a seasonal menu inspired by whatever’s in bloom at the moment. Now, if only the Flatbush Avenue entrance construction could just hurry up a bit.

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