Peter Pan’s New Competition Is Wielding Cronut Knockoffs

The jelly doughnut and the Croissant Doughnut. (Photo via Greenpointers)

Until recently, the Greenpoint doughnut scene has been, well, less of a scene and more like, one really, really great doughnut shop that was so synonymous with the neighborhood that it alone qualified as a “scene.” But as of last Friday, the Greenpoint doughnut scene has doubled in size, and like every bonafide doughnut scene should, it now includes Cronut knockoffs.

Greenpointers reported yesterday that Moe’s Dough’s Doughnut Shop (which really is a wonderful name) opened last Friday at Nassau Avenue and McGuinnes Boulevard and is operated by Egyptian-born Mohamed Saleh, who’s lived in Greenpoint for 25 years. Offerings include standard doughnut shop fare—red velvet, honey dip, iced coconut, sour cream, chocolate cake, and blueberry buttermilk, freshly baked each day onsite—as well as the Croissant Doughnut, which looks an awful lot like a regular croissant, but “tastes doughnut-like and faintly fried, with a crisp, flakey croissant exterior.” Moe’s Dough’s Doughnut Shop also has sandwiches, falafel, wings and hummus, on the off chance you’d rather have any one of those things rather than a delicious, warm doughnut.

Elsewhere on Doughnut Wire, we’re still waiting on the Prospect Heights Doughnut Plant, set to open this fall, as well as Spirited Brooklyn, the “dessert speakeasy” that no one really needed but we’re really excited about anyway, also in Prospect Heights. They still don’t have their liquor license, but a soft opening is planned for fall. Regardless, four months later, no one still seems to be listening to us about this doughnut problem.

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