Department Of Education Deems 17 Brooklyn Schools “Dangerous”

Photo: Liz Mari


According to a new report from the DEP, 40 New York schools have been deemed “persistently dangerous” and 17 of them are located in Brooklyn, reports Animal NY via News 12. “Second place” goes to the Bronx with 11 dangerous schools and all but 7 schools were in New York City proper.

How did they come up with the rankings? A school’s level of dangerousness was determined by measuring the number of reported violent and disruptive incidences against the total student population. Still, according to a DOE spokesperson kind enough to assuage our “fears,” the schools probably haven’t become more dangerous. It’s just that violent incidences are being reported more often.

The same day the report came out, the AP shared the news that the same organization that is judging all these schools has yet to pony up $5.9 billion in funding—78 percent of which would go to poorer school districts—that was promised way, way back in 2011.

In totally unrelated news, the State is looking at a projected $6.2 billion dollar budget surplus this fiscal year.

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