New York Nightmare: “Movers” Pack An Apartment, Steal Everything

New York Nightmare: "Movers" Pack An Apartment, Steal Everything

Today in Top Ten New York City Nightmares, there’s a report that a woman moving out of her apartment was robbed by “movers” late last month.

A Greenpointer found a trio of movers to help her make the transition to a new place on Craigslist. On July 29, three men showed up to her apartment on Nassau Avenue and helped the unnamed individual pack all her items in “a white box truck covered with graffiti.” Once everything was packed, they apparently agreed to meet her at the new place—and then never showed up, reports the Brooklyn Paper.

Among the items in the truck were the woman’s motorcycle, laptop, scooter and a wad of cash.

There are no suspects as of yet, but since moving season is still in full swing and these dudes are probably still out there, be very careful with who you choose to help you move. A friend’s solid recommendation is worth way more than a few dollars saved on some unknowns.

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