“Morgantown Center” Coming To Bushwick?


Image: Marina Chetner

If you visit the so-called “Morgantown” area as often as we do, then you know it’s becoming a busier hub of activity with every passing day. Obviously, many a developer wants to take advantage of that and for the past year and a half, the Department of Buildings has been bombarded with proposals to bring a large scale project to the neighborhood. A new one just popped up and it’s pretty interesting.

Developers have been attempting to push proposals through the DOB for a while now, most of them dividing the building at 82 Bogart Street at Morgan Avenue into separate businesses/projects or attempting to turn the place into a hotel/hostel. Now, according to Wyckoff Heights, a new rendering has appeared wherein the massive factory would be transformed into a “grittier Chelsea Market” for the Bushwick set. Some are calling it the Bushwick Mall, the developers want to call it the Morgantown Center. Check out potential renderings (via Syndicate) below:

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