The First “Brooklyn Girls” Parody Video Has Arrived


We can’t remember which Rule of the Internet applies to inevitable parodies of not-so-popular videos, but whatever it is, we can now say it’s been applied to Catey Shaw’s infamous “Brooklyn Girls” video. You’ll recall that the video for the pop-driven song premiered about two weeks ago to the chagrin and unchecked fury of many a Brooklynite. Today, a local group has responded accordingly, bringing “Brooklyn Boys” to the masses.

Via Bedford + Bowery: According to the parody, the “Brooklyn Boy” is the hipster male archetype we’ve all become exceedingly familiar with and the video, created by “a loose collective of creatives living in Brooklyn,” mentions all the stereotypes alongside scenes from “Jefftown,” “Morgantown,” and Kent Avenue. Viewers will also find twerking dudes and “ethnics” aplenty.

Check out the trainwreck redux below:

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