Great Collaboration Alert: The Brooklyn Brew Shop Teams Up with Torst!

Brooklyn Brew Shop x Evil Twin Bikini Beer Kit

Is the G-train shutdown keeping you away from Greenpoint? Are you already undergoing withdrawal symptoms, at the very thought of abstaining from Tørst’s Evil Twin line for five excruciating weeks? Well, Brooklyn Brew Shop couldn’t have picked a better time to release their newest DIY product, an exclusive collaboration with Tørst’s very own gypsy brewer, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø. 

“What’s exciting for us is that this is the first time we can make a beer in our kitchen, pick up some cans at the store, and try them side-by-side,” said Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Erica Shea of their boxed Bikini Beer; Evil Twin’s light bodied, heavily hopped pale ale.

“Even though they don’t have their own brewery with shiny fermenters, a taproom and forklifts, Evil Twin loves developing recipes. So on brew days, Jeppe dons galoshes and gets a little wet making beer in different breweries around the world,” explains co-owner Stephen Valand. “And we thought it’d be amazing if our kitchens and our customers’ kitchens could serve as tiny stovetop satellite breweries.”

Prepared to sacrifice a bit of counter space towards the cause? You won’t be disappointed—with a seriously low ABV (only 2.7), the appealingly citrusy ale is full of flavor with a substantial mouthfeel, perfect for pounding in the summer sun all day long without incurring a hangover (or in Jarnit-Bjergsø’s case, for drinking all night long without falling asleep). “Jeppe’s really smart and knows his beer—both making and drinking. We think a lot of our fans are fans of his and vice versa,” Shea added.

Of course, by the time your Bikini Beer is finished fermenting, the G should (hopefully) be up and running again… thus providing an excellent opportunity to stage your own side-by-side taste test.

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