This Hipster On a Leash Is Supposed to Be Art

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We get a lot of press releases emailed to us. Most are pretty transparent. Most get deleted without much more than a quick read-through. (What? We have priorities too, and they generally don’t involve your self-published book about astrology and 9/11.) Oh, sometimes there are real gems, like the time we were informed about an art installation involving a room full of cats and a enormous, worm-like, knitted tube of cat nip. But mostly everything’s terrible.

Which, such was the case today, when we received an email about a hipster in a leash walking around Williamsburg, being guided by a man on a Segway (pictured above, naturally). The writer of the email claimed to be disgusted by the “whole hipster culture” and its “flagrant attention whoring.” Which, ok. But at least most hipsters take better photos than the ones this guy sent us! Hipsters have that going for them anyway.

And also? As far as terrible things about hipsters go, namely, ruining neighborhoods because of gentrification and ruining Ray Bans for everyone whose face just happens to be shaped in such a way that only Ray Bans look good, attention whoring doesn’t top our list. Neither does walking around on a leash. Nah, none of those things are anywhere near as bad as getting unsolicited emails from people pretending to be “tipsters” while only wanting to promote their art project (which will go unmentioned here). Really, nothing is as bad as that.

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  1. First looking at it before reading the post, I thought the man up front was the one who was guiding the man on the Segway (who, at first glance, I thought had a turban on). You would think someone going to this trouble would have made better photos.


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